ART at West 7th

West 7th is in the heart of the Cultural District amongst numerous world famous museums. We are adding our own touch of art and culture with the opening of Art7 Crockett Community Gallery.

  • Local artists, community and student groups will exhibit their art at this convenient location at West 7TH. Check the events calendar to choose a night you can come out and embrace our local culture through art.


Brandi C. Studio

IMG_1345Brandi C. Studio is a Pop-up creativity laboratory for both the working and visitor artist.  Inviting the community to come see, explore and participate in every aspect of the creation of Art.  Living Artist merge with the community allowing the viewer to come watch original art being created and the invitation to also become the artist and share in collaborative community art projects.  Brandi C. offers classes, open studio & events Pop-up in the space where the community connect through the acts of creativity and imagination! Brandi also leads our Mommy & Me Playtime Tuesdays craft days! The Art Gallery where the art is created when the viewer arrives.  Come Express!